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Kitchen & bath sealant formulated with innovative easy clean technology that repels water, dirt and stains so the sealant stays looking clean, fresh and new. Backed by a Lifetime Mould & Mildew Resistance Guarantee & water ready in 4 hours. LEARN MORE 100% WATERPROOF
Innovative ultra-hydrophobic technology repels water, dirt, soap scum and stains
The cured sealant stays mould mildew free for the life of the sealant.
Outstanding flexibility & adhesion for a durable, long-lasting seal
Water ready in just 4 hours. Low odour smooth easy application water clean up


Advanced, easy clean ultra hydrophobic technology repels water, dirt and stains so the sealant stays looking clean, fresh & new! Guaranteed to stay mould and mildew free for the life of the sealant. This means a longer lasting, cleaner looking bead of sealant.

  • Lifetime Mould & Mildew Resistance Guarantee
  • Repels water, soap scum, dirt
  • 100% waterproof & crack proof
  • Stain proof protection resists the toughest of stains
  • 4 hour water ready
  • Low odour easy water clean up
  • Smooth easy application
  • Safe for granite & marble



Showers & Tubs

Countertops & Backsplashes

Vanities & Fixtures


  • To ensure strong adhesion, make sure the area to be sealed is free of all old sealant, clean and dry. As a final step before applying new sealant wipe the seam with rubbing alcohol to remove residue.
  • Cut the cartridge nozzle at a 45º angle and load into caulk gun. Hold the caulk gun at a 45º angle to the surface and gently squeeze the trigger with steady pressure to apply an even and consistent bead of sealant to the seam. Move the caulk gun slowly and steadily, filling the joint with sealant.
  • Work from the inside out. Seal the inside seams and joints before the external ones so you don’t brush up against any wet caulk and have to reapply the sealant. 
  • After you’ve applied the sealant, “tool” or smooth the bead of sealant with a caulk finishing tool dipped in water.
  • For areas where it may be hard to navigate a caulk gun and cartridge, try using a squeeze tube. Squeeze tubes don’t require a caulk gun and fit easily in the palm of your hand so you can get into tight spaces and corners. It’s also great for smaller projects. 
  • Prior to sealing, apply painter’s masking tape above and below the joint you’ll be sealing. Once you’ve finished, make sure to remove the tape while the caulk is still wet. 
  • Yes, KWIK SEAL ULTRA clear applies white and dries clear in 7 days, just like other latex sealants. However, it still can be exposed to water in just 4 hours without washing out. 
  • Yes, KWIK SEAL ULTRA contains silicone additives, giving it added flexibility and durability.
  • No. The advanced repelling technology is built-in throughout the sealant and doesn’t wear or wash away over time.
  • Because of its innovative, ultra hydrophobic technology which repels water, liquids, dirt and stains, KWIK SEAL ULTRA cannot be painted. Most sealants used in kitchen and bathroom applications are not painted, so this feature should not be viewed as a negative. 
  • The new innovative, ultra hydrophobic technology of KWIK SEAL ULTRA repels water, dirt, stains and soap scum, so mildew can’t grow, stains won’t stick and dirt rinses off. If any dirt or scum collects on the sealant, it easily wipes or rinses away, without the need to scrub. However, regular cleaning of the surrounding area of the sealant is suggested. 


SKU Code Unit Size Color Dimensions
7079818897 18897 10.1oz / 300ml WHITE 8x6x12
7079818898 18898 10.1oz / 300ml CLEAR 8x6x12
7079818914 18894 5.5oz / 162ml GLOSS WHITE 9.75x7.25x4.25
7079818915 18895 5.5oz / 162ml CLEAR 9.75x7.25x4.25